We have particularly wide experienced in designing cultural, educational, sport and recreation facilities, mostly completed.
We have prepared many designs for universities with full administration, sports and recreational background.

Sports Hall of the Agricultural University in Wroclaw, Olszewskiego St.
New Wroclaw Medical University (Nowa Akademia Medyczna) in Wroclaw, Borowska St.
Diagnostic Theatre of the Wroclaw Medical University, M. Curie-Skłodowskiej St.
Sports Hall for 1000 spectators, Piastowskie Housing Estate in Świebodzice, 1st place in contest "Dolnoślaska Budowa Roku 2000" (Lower Silesia Construction of the Year 2000), category - Sports and Recreational Facilities.
Building of the Oil and Coal Technology Institute F-4 Wroclaw University of Technology, Gdańska St.
Math Institute of the Wroclaw University of Technology, Janiszewskiego St.
Adaptation of rooms in the building D-2 of the Wroclaw University of Technology for the Network and Supercomputer Center (Centrum Sieciowo-Superkomputerowego),
Chemistry Laboratory of the Wroclaw University of Technology, Joliot Cure St.
Regular Elementary School in Zawonia,
Common School in Sobótka,
ASSA School in Wroclaw, Długa St.
33-department School, Piastowskie Housing Estate in Świebodzice
Sports Hall and swimming pool in Jelenia Góra,
Sports and Auditorium Hall, rink and pools in Belchatów
Sport Field in Wroclaw, Wittiga St.
Indoor Swimming Pools, DOZG Center in Lądek Zdrój,
International Youth Hostel and "Tumski Hotel" in Wroclaw on Słodowa Island - 2nd place in "Dolnośląska Budowa Roku 2000" (Lower Silesia Construction of the Year 2000) in revaluation category
D.K.F Modernization in Building A-1 of the Wroclaw University of Technology
Auditorium halls in the Wroclaw University of Technology, Joliot Curie St.

In the course of last 10 years we have designed and completed the following housing developments:

Housing Estate in Żmigród,
Student's Houses ("Kredka", "Ołówek") in Wrocław at the Grunwaldzki square - Award of Ministry of Land Use and Construction,
Renovations of housing buildings in Wrocław, Szarzyńskiego 70/72 St. Prusa 44 St.
Modernization of the Assistant House "GAGARIN" which belongs to Wrocław University of Technology, M.Curie-Skłodowskiej St.
Estate of detached houses for housing cooperative "Ogród" in Wrocław, Żerniki
Adaptation of Student House "FOSIK" in Wrocław, Podwale St.
Renovation of residential buildings in Opole, Ozimska St.

In addition, we have designed and completed many industrial facilities, such as:

Main Boiler House of Wrocław University of Technology, Smoluchowskiego St.
Mechanical Workshop of Chemistry Institute in Wrocław, Joliot Curie St.
Hydrometer Facility in Kowary,
Renovation and Conservation Depot in Bielawa
Boiler House in Żmigród,
Technical Background Facilities of New Medical University (water treatment plant, energetic plant, main laundry, main kitchen) in Wrocław, Borowska St.